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About me

I am Winter, previously ApolloArt.

Founder/CEO Of The Olympus.

I am well recognized as a web designer and graphic designer. As I became control of Olympus, my interest in conducting business grew.

Before The Olympus was launched in 2019, I also own two other graphic servers, StudioX and TeamArt. It was disbanded due to circumstances, but I learned practically everything I needed to know to create the best project I've ever created.

What I do

I recommend you high quality services

  • Marketing

    As the founder of Olympus, I'm seeking for passive income opportunities. Looking forward to selling a variety of products.

  • Graphics Design

    A professional designer with over four years of expertise. Mainly creating designs with Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Website Design

    As the owner of a website development service, I am able to acquire ui/ux expertise. I could create a design that is modern.


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  • The Olympus

    Design / Coding Services
  • Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon


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